Dump truck push pull control cable

Dump truck push pull control cable ever best quality with MERIT brand name.

We do tension resistance tests to all our control cables/ push pull cables/ throttle cables by worldwide certified testing equipment.

Dump truck push pull control cable 2071


We export dump truck push pull control cable since year 2005 to many customers from all over the world. There are 2 truck mixer oem (original equipment manufacturer) producer among our clients.

By the way I want to explain that we do every long of push pull cables according to your needs. Please mention your needed long throttle cable in the order. We are pleasure to manufacture custom orders for you. 1m or 12m or more long control cables produce by us.

You may have more and more information about principles of dump truck push pull control cable from this article and wiki page  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bowden_cable Rich tables and specific texts may help you to understand the principles.

Besides control cables we offer control boxes for concrete mixer dump trucks. Here I am adding a photo of it here. If you want to buy these also please feel free to request a quotation from me. It is 2 different types. One is 1 rack and the other is 2 racks. According to your requirement you may purchase from us them.

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