6 inch foam wiper ball is designed to wipe drillpipe or tubing string clean of cement, fluids, or debris, and can be used to separate fluids.

6 inch foam wiper ball with msds


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Where can I buy a 6 inch foam wiper ball? Here the address of industry’s giant http://meritautomotive.com/5-inch-foam-wiper-ball/

By the way you can buy 6 inch foam wiper ball from us.


A cleaning cement inside drill pipe,cleaning cement in drill pipe foam wiper ball we produce is workable from -40 centigrade to 300 centigrade as pratic. But nominal flash point of our foam wiper ball is higher than this. We certified it with MSDS. MSDS means Material Safety Data Sheet. Our MSDS updated 27-01-2015 after independent laboratory test and experiment.

The foam wiper ball is formulated through partnership and intensive research by Oil and Gas industry professionals.

The drill pipe wiper provides the drilling crew with an efficient, safe and user friendly solution to the wipe down of drill pipe and tool joints while maximizing the recovery of precious drilling mud after each cementing job (cementing protects-fix the casing-piping and seals the wellbore-prevent water penetrating).