Furukawa F45 back head

Furukawa F45 back head oem

Furukawa F45 back head is produced by Merit Automotive in Turkey. It is well interchangeable back head. Complies all as original hydraulic hammer’s back head. You are safe by the choosing of the rear head. This hammer rear block head makes your replacing of the parts perfectly. If you are looking for best interchange parts for your Furukawa F45, Furukawa F35, Furukawa HB40G, Furukawa F70, Furukawa F27, Furukawa F22 rock breakers, please feel free Merit’s replacement spare parts. This parts come you with 12 month warranty. If you see any problem you are always free to re-change under the coverage of guarantee documents.

Furukawa F45 back head oem

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Furukawa F45 back head brand new with 1 year warranty of our enterprise. It is 100 percent compatible replacement and manufactured in the our facility in Turkey. Ships all over the world. Safety packaging for overseas supplied.

This Furukawa F45 back head has been using by our customer for 3 years without any problem. He emailed me and told that before us, he has many problem with his old Furukawa F45 breaker. But after our hand to reached him, we solved all problem.

After then he bought a new Furukawa F35 back head from us. He also gives periodically orders us with hydraulic rock breaker parts. We are so proud to make a customer smiley.

Also I want repeat here that when you order a Furukawa F45 back head from us, you will have 12 months warranty. For financial to known you that we accept PayPal everywhere.

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