Krupp HM 1500

KRUPP HM 1500 new piston and front head (lower breaker part, lower hammer part, chuck housing, tool holder, chisel holder, front guide) available in stock 06 June 2016 at Merit. We are ready to ship from here to Hungary, Greece, England, Germany, All EU countries, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar or where ever you are being located or you are doing hydraulic hammer repair works.

Krupp HM 1500 piston and all models Krupp pistons. For example Krupp HM 960, Krupp HM 550, Krupp HM 2500, Krupp HM 1800, Krupp Hm 2100

Krupp HM 1500 piston

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What Krupp HM1500 spare parts we are supplying are as follow:

  1. Krupp HM 1500 piston and all models Krupp pistons.

  2. Lower breaker part, lower hammer part, front head, front guide, hammer end section, tool holder, chisel holder, chuck housing.
  3. Wear bushes.
  4. Buffer ring.
  5. Retainer.
  6. Tensioning bolts.
  7. Tool bit, moil point, pyramid tool.
  8. Sealing set.
  9. Membrane.
  10. Accumulator complete or lower/upper plug separately.
  11. Cylinder repairing with warranty 12 months.