Krupp HM 960 piston

Krupp HM 960 piston  brand new.

Krupp HM 960 piston oem

Krupp HM 960  piston can ship to your address in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. 

Krupp HM 960 piston brand new with 1 year warranty.

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MERIT TURKEY Hydraulic Breakers & Demolition Attachments.

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We are Turkish exporter of Hydraulic Breakers and Demolition Attachments since 2005.

Our long years of experience and the commitment to technological development. It has enabled us to become a leading manufacturer in hydraulic breakers and demolition attachments. It makes us providing our services continue to partners in the world. All our products are being treated in our own facilities for processing , assembling and final testing before it is shipped out to  customers worldwide.

High demanded spare parts.
Stocked bulk parts are available for any brand of breaker.
Power cell & Demolition Tool.Our company MERIT is a genuine exporter of hydraulic attachments in Turkey.
We have been  exporting our products to the world but we have no If you have any plan to purchase some units of hydraulic attachments, I can support your business with very competitive price and the best quality management.

We are able to produce all the spare parts for the RAMMER series listed below:

Rammer S20.Rammer E63.Rammer S21.Rammer E64.Rammer S22.Rammer E65. Rammer S23.Rammer E66.Rammer S24.Rammer E68.Rammer S25.Rammer S26.Rammer S27.Rammer G80.Rammer S29.Rammer G88.Rammer S52.Rammer G90.Rammer S54.Rammer G100.Rammer S55.Rammer G110.Rammer S56.Rammer G120.Rammer S82.Rammer G130.Rammer S83.Rammer S84.Rammer S86.Rammer 4099.

Lower tool bushing.
Upper tool bushing.
Thrust ring.
Front head.
Tie rod.
Retaining pin.

HANWOO Hydraulic Breaker Piston Hanwoo RHB-330, Hanwoo RHB-332, Hanwoo RHB-335, Hanwoo RHB-340, Hanwoo RHB-350.

Krupp HM55 parts for example piston, lower hammer part, assembling bolt, wear bush, buffer ring, set of sealings, retainer.