Montabert V32 seal kit

Montabert V32 seal kit complete

Montabert V32 seal kit full package included seals,o-rings, rings is packed by Merit Automotive in Turkey. It guarantees you to prevent oil leakage with care. When you choose this seal set, you will be sure about heart of your hydraulic rock breaker. That qualified set of sealings makes hydraulic hammer long life. Service costs down. No any piston malfunction. No any deformation in the cylinder. It provides piston and cylinder oil circulation well. The seal package also makes your breaker vital organism protected from dust. As you know working area having metal or land dust. If any dust insert to the cylinder and back head, this makes breaker to be not working. This kit seal protect you rock breaker, your job, your enterprise.

Montabert V32 seal kit complete

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Our seal package is suitable for Montabert V32 seal kit hydraulic breaker. Tested for best efficiency and sent to customers many few in the world.  Nominally it lives 600 hours. After the nominal hours, you should check your breaker main body, cylinder by the way of seals circumstances.

We advise you to check your hydraulic hammer before start up. If you see an oil leakage from your hydraulic breaker, replace old seal kit with Merit’s Montabert V32 seal kit. Then you see the problem killer item. Safety seals makes your job safety. You never want to have a problem in your earthmoving area. The reason why you should use the best one sealing set.

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