Pu concrete moulds

Pu concrete moulds various sizes available in Merit’s stock 23 August 2016. They are ready to ship all over the world from now.

PU make cube mould 150 mm & PU make cube mould 100 mm

PU make beam mould 100 X 100 X 500 mm.

PU make cylinder mould 100 X 200 mm and 150 X 300 mm.

Pu concrete moulds 150

We are exporting Pu concrete moulds to all Middle East & Gulf Region such as United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq.

Merit Automotive supplies world best known and best selling Pu concrete moulds since 2005. The reason why you can try with us every time and every where in the globe.