Rammer G100 hydraulic hammer pistons

Rammer G100 hydraulic hammer pistons as compatible replacement production, we can supply.

Rammer G100 hydraulic hammer pistons

Rammer G100 hydraulic hammer pistons we producing comes you with 1 year warranty signature.

Rammer G100 hydraulic hammer pistons deliver you 12 months guarantee.

Hydraulic hammer pistons and other parts also can be find within our supply range.  For example lower tool bushing, upper tool bushing, thrust ring, tie rod, tie rod nut, side rod, front head, seal kit, membrane, retaining pins.

We are giving 1 year warranty to our hydraulic breaker pistons  from shipping date. For example we had delivered a percussion piston for a hydraulic breaker to a customer from North Cyprus in the year of 2008. This piston is still in use without any problem. The buyer sent us an email to say thank you and thank you much. He said me in the phone that our piston has reduced his plant maintenance expenses up to 99 percent.

We are able to produce all the spare parts for the RAMMER series listed below:

Rammer S20.Rammer E63.Rammer S21.Rammer E64.Rammer S22.Rammer E65. Rammer S23.Rammer E66.Rammer S24.Rammer E68.Rammer S25.Rammer S26.Rammer S27.Rammer G80.Rammer S29.Rammer G88.Rammer S52.Rammer G90.Rammer S54.Rammer G100.Rammer S55.Rammer G110.Rammer S56.Rammer G120.Rammer S82.Rammer G130.Rammer S83.Rammer S84.Rammer S86.Rammer 4099.

All manufacturers names, symbols, numbers and descriptions are used for reference purposes only and do not imply that any part listed is the product of these manufacturers


Our long years of experience and the commitment to technological development. It has enabled us to become a leading manufacturer in hydraulic breakers and demolition attachments. It makes us providing our services continue to partners in the world. All our products are being treated in our own facilities for processing , assembling and final testing before it is shipped out to  customers worldwide.

We can ship all cities of Australia and New Zealand.