Saga rock breaker pu pads

Saga rock breaker pu pads original equipment manufacturer supplies. Please email me for your request for quotation. We are all here to reply you 7/24.

Saga rock breaker pu pads oem 

Merit is one of the largest manufacturer and Supplier of High Quality and Technology Hydraulic Rock Breakers spare parts. Our in-house designed Rock Breakers parts proven in any tough conditions such as Rock Breaking, Boulder Breaking, Demolition of Concrete Construction, Tunnel Excavation, Road Work and Underground Excavation etc.
Merit Plant has designed Hydraulic Rock Breakers spares for all types of machines.

Specifications Heavy Duty Rock Breakers

ModelUnitRB 2025RB 3080RB 3540RB 4550RB 5560RB 7580
RB Series – Pure Hydraulic (New Generation)
Operating WeightKg162024403100385055007350
Body TypeOpen/BoxBoxBoxBoxBoxBoxBox
Impact Ratebpm300-500300-450300-400300-400300-400300-400
Operating Pressurebar130-150130-160130-160140-180140-180140-180
Oil FlowL/min130-150170-200190-240210-280250-335300-400
Relief Pressurebar180-200180-200180-200180-200180-200190-210
Total Diametermm130150165175180205
Hose Diametermm252525253238
Carrier Weightton18-2626-4030-5040-7050-9070-120

Medium Hydraulic Rock Breakers – 10 to 35 Tons

ModelUnitSAGA Series – GAS HydraulicMS Series – Pure Hydraulic
SAGA 120SAGA 210SAGA 240SAGA 300MS 500HMS 600HMS 700H
Operating WeightKg105016801760234090017302055
Body TypeBoxBoxBoxBoxBoxBoxBox
Impact Ratebpm300-650300-500300-500300-500300-500300-500300-500
Operating Pressurebar140-160160-180160-180160-180120-140120-140130-150
Oil FlowL/min80-100125-150125-150160-19070-100130-150170-200
Relief Pressurebar180-200200-210200-210200-210160-180170-190180-200
Total Diametermm98135140150100130140
Hose Diametermm19252525192525
Carrier Weightton10-1618-2520-2625-3210-1620-2822-35
ModelUnitSAGA Series – GAS HydraulicMS Series – Pure Hydraulic
SAGA 30SAGA 55SAGA 70MS 225MS 250HMS 300
Operating WeightKg175360360390445490
Body TypeOpen/BoxBoxOpenBoxOpenBoxOpen
Impact Ratebpm340-950340-750340-750520-1000520-1000500-900
Operating Pressurebar90-12095-13095-130110-130110-130110-130
Oil Flowl/min25-4035-5035-5060-8560-8560-85
Relief Pressurebar140-160150-170150-170160-180160-180160-180
Total Diametermm537070757585
Hose Diametermm121212191919
Carrier Weightton1.2-3.54-84-83-83-85-12

Saga rock breaker pu pads original equipment manufacturer.

Saga rock breaker pu pads original equipment manufacturer.