5“ Drill Pipe Foam Ball

5“ drill pipe foam ball has Improved wiping performance through increased contact band with pipe ID.

A 5″ drill pipe foam ball is a tool used for cleaning the inside of a drill pipe with a 5″ diameter. It consists of a spherical ball made of foam or other absorbent material, which is inserted into the drill pipe and activated to wipe the inside surface of the pipe. Foam balls are typically used to remove mud, debris, or other contaminants from the inside of the pipe. They are typically inserted into the pipe using a lubricator or similar tool, and are activated by applying pressure to the outside of the pipe.

Foam balls are a useful tool for cleaning drill pipes, as they can effectively remove a variety of different types of contaminants and are less likely to damage the inside surface of the pipe compared to other methods such as scraping or chemical cleaning. However, they may not be effective for removing all types of contaminants, and may not be suitable for use in all situations. Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines and follow all relevant safety regulations when using a foam ball to clean a drill pipe.

MERIT 5“ drill pipe foam ball has been using for separation of liquids and removing cement, fluids, and debris from the inside of drill pipe or tubing.

All drilling fluids are chemically compatible with our unique rubber material, which also offers excellent wiping performance and can function in high temperature and high pressure settings. It can be used in temperature range from -40°F (-40°C) to 302°F (150°C).

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