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About MERIT AUTOMOTIVE MINING OILFIELD Construction Plant Equip Spare Parts:

MERITAUTOMOTIVE.COM is one the biggest worldwide independent supplier of spare parts for automotive, mining, oilfield, construction and plant industries. We have sales network 56 countries with 191 buyers beginning from 2005. We are official shareholder of 4 production giants in the industry.

With over 18 years of experience in the industry, MERIT is a leading provider of high-quality spare parts for construction, mining, and oilfields. Our extensive inventory includes a wide range of products, from heavy equipment parts to specialized components for drilling operations.

We understand the importance of keeping equipment running smoothly and efficiently, which is why we only offer the best in terms of quality and durability. Our products are sourced from leading manufacturers and are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Our team of experts is on hand to provide advice and support, ensuring that you find the right parts for your needs. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, and we’re dedicated to helping you minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

In addition to our vast inventory of spare parts, we also offer repair and maintenance services. Our team of skilled technicians can repair and maintain your equipment, ensuring that it stays in top condition.

At MERIT, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality spare parts and services at competitive prices. Whether you’re in the construction, mining, or oil and gas industry, we have the expertise and resources to keep your operations running smoothly.

You are feel free to send us your inquiries 7 days 24 hours. 

Physical Address: Camlik Mahallesi Ikbal Caddesi No:4
Muyar Plaza Suite 26 Umraniye 34774 Istanbul Turkey
Monday—Friday: 10:00–17:00
Online Responsive: 7/24
Email: meritautomotive@gmail.com
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