Bottom Buffer MTB Hydraulic Hammers

Bottom Buffer MTB Hydraulic Hammers Merit

Bottom buffer MTB hydraulic hammers is ex-stock with Meritautomotive. We can supply you lower shock absorbers for MTB 705, 505, 365, 285, 255, 215, 175, 155 and others.

Bottom Buffer MTB Hydraulic Hammers Merit

You can order us now bottom buffer MTB hydraulic hammers rockbreakers models of MTB 210, 125, 360, 95, 65 and GA type.

* Non OEM Parts.

* The word “MTB” and the use of OE part numbers are for descriptive and reference purposes only. MERIT is not affiliated with the manufacturers, importers, or distributors of MTB rock breakers. Parts sold by MERIT may be of OE, OEM, or aftermarket manufacture.

Following is a seal housing for MTB jack hammer hydraulic breaker. We produce for it for a customer from Holland. Our receiver is the biggest hydraulics service in the territory. We are a good relation with him. We are now selling him pistons, fro heads, seal kits, tie rods and tool bits. Now our office is preparing him some parts for Rammer E68 rock breaker hammer.


Below one is a new piston for MTB rock breaker. We produce it for a user in Portugal. Our client is a re-export company. He re-export our parts to Central America Countries (Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Belize).

Piston MTB Rockbreakers Hammer

We have made a shipment to French Guiana. That package includes various spare parts and accessories of MTB rockbreaker hydraulic hammer. Shipment MTB Hydraulic Hammer Spare Parts Merit