Drill Pipe Foam Wiper Balls

offshore drilling rig on body of water
Photo by Jan-Rune Smenes Reite on Pexels.com
Drill pipe foam wiper balls of MERIT

We ship drill pipe foam wiper balls all over the globe. Customers from United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Azerbaijan, Russia, Yemen uses Merit’s foam ball since 2005. In addition above countries Iraq, Iran, United States of America, Nigeria, Kenya, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Bahrain, Japan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand applicators work with Meritautomotive wiper ball also. Additionally Mexican, Venezuallian and Brazilian oil extractors have a long background with our cement wiper ball. Until now we are having a supply chain more than 60 countries and regions of oil well drilling sector.

You can order us drill pipe foam wiper balls. A customer can be see data sheet of the wiper balls at above link. We can ship cement wiper balls to your address all over the world.

If you need any ore information please feel free to contact with us 7 days 24 hours. You will see a helpful hand. We are here to await for your any of information and quotation request.

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