Drill Pipe Wiper Foam Balls For Oilfield Services

Drill Pipe Wiper Foam Balls For Drilling

Drill pipe wiper foam balls are designed to wipe drill-pipe or tubing string clean of cement, fluids, or debris, and can be used to separate fluids in oilfield services. Our product is award-winning of best generic useful tool to handle offshore and onshore after cementing wipe out job. We have very few customer thanksgiving letters on this item which says we saved him from big costs.

Drill Pipe Wiper Foam Balls For Drilling

The drill pipe wiper foam balls can be loaded into drill pipe or tubing connections.
It easily passes through internal upset restrictions such as mechanical setting tools, diverters, and liner running tools and multiple balls can be pumped if necessary.

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Australia’s oil and gas industry has held a critical place in the development of the country’s present-day economy. With the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG), crude oil, and condensate, Australia makes a small but significant contribution to the world’s global oil and gas supply. The gross value added by Australia’s oil and gas extraction industry has continued to increase over the past decade.

These newly developed wiper balls are made of natural rubber and can be used in a temperature range of 40°F (4°C) to 302°F (150°C). The ball has a parting stretch of 380 to 440%, which means it can pass through small restrictions without being damaged.

Merit’s wipers are demanding from petroleum producers countries since 2005. We have a big line form USA, KSA, China, Canada, Iraq, Iran, UAE, Brazil, Kuwait, Mexico, Venezuela, Norway, Qatar, Kazakhstan, UK, Oman, Indonesia, Colombia, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Argentina, Ecuador, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, Turkmenistan, Germany, Italy, Denmark, France, Japan, Brunei, South Korea, Trinidad and Tobago, Romania, Pakistan; Bolivia, Hong Kong, Ireland, Georgia, Mauritius, Kyrgzstan, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Paraguay, Sweden, and others.

The Niger Delta Basin, also referred to as the Niger Delta province, is an extensional rift basin located in the Niger Delta and the Gulf of Guinea on the passive continental margin near the western coast of Nigeria[1] with suspected or proven access to Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and São Tomé and Príncipe. This basin is very complex, and it carries high economic value as it contains a very productive petroleum system. The Niger delta basin is one of the largest subaerial basins in Africa. It has a subaerial area of about 75,000 km2, a total area of 300,000 km2, and a sediment fill of 500,000 km3.[1] The sediment fill has a depth between 9–12 km.[2] It is composed of several different geologic formationsthat indicate how this basin could have formed, as well as the regional and large scale tectonics of the area. The Niger Delta Basin is an extensional basin surrounded by many other basins in the area that all formed from similar processes. The Niger Delta Basin lies in the south westernmost part of a larger tectonic structure, the Benue Trough. The other side of the basin is bounded by the Cameroon Volcanic Line and the transform passive continental margin.[2]

Drill pipe foam ball is licensed on Meritautomotive
Meritautomotive is licensed maker of the drill pipe foam ball since 2005.

We are the main procurer for oilfields worldwide. We send periodically foam wiper ball to oil and gas fields all over the world. Meritautotomotive is the shining star of the industry. 

Thunder Horse oil field is a large offshore deepwater oil field in the Gulf of Mexico, around 150 miles southeast of New Orleans, Louisiana. Large new oil discoveries within it were announced in early 2019. Wikipedia

Foam wiper balls have been used with all types of drilling and displacement fluids. Our products are durable against all oil and gas chemicals. 

Saudi Aramco’s Ras Tanura oil refinery and oil terminal in Saudi Arabia, on May 21, 2018.PHOTO: REUTERS

In addition to underline that our wiper foam balls the best match one and only item with oil & gas industry specific cementing wiper foam ball launchers. There is never an alternative to our products offshore and onshore applications.

* OEM Parts.

* You prefer only OEM Merit parts.

We produce TN™ formulation foam wiper ball for following application also. Please don’t forget that we can manufacture special formulation wiper foam balls for your needs.

Pipe Body Specification
Pipe Body OD (in)5.5
Pipe Body Wall Thickness-Nominal Weight0.415 in- 24.7lb/ft
Pipe Body GradeS-135
Drill Pipe LenghtRange 2
Max (ft)32.0
Min (ft)30.0
Type of UpsetIEU
Maximum Upset OD (in)5.688
Oil production by country Thematic Map World Merit
Joint Tool Specification
Connection Type and SizeXT™54
SmoothEdge™ Height per side (in)N/A
Tool Joint SMYS (psi)120,000
Connection OD (in)6.625
Connection ID (in)4.0
Pin Tong Length (in)10.10
Box Tong Length (in)15.0
Thread Compound Friction Factor1.0
Drill Pipe Foam Wiper Ball WP10006: general size reference 6.00 in. Actual size 5.91 in. Thus its typical wiping range 4.75 to 2.00 in. In addition minimum restriction of it is 0.875 in.
WP10007: general size reference 7.00 in. Actual size 6.89 in. Thus its typical wiping range 5.50 to 2.38 in. Plus its minimum restriction of it is 1.000 in.
WP10008: general size reference 8.00 in. Actual size 7.87 in. Thus its typical wiping range 7.00 to 3.00 in. Additionally its minimum restriction of it is 1.375 in.

Original Product Meritautomotive Foam Wiper Ball

General Size Reference in.(mm)
Actual Size in.(mm)
Part No
Typical wiping range in. (mm)
Minimal restriction*** in. (mm)
3.00 (76.10)
3.15 (80)
2.5 to 1.10 (63.5 to 27.90)
0.500 (12.7)
4.00 (102.00)
3.94 (100)
3.12 to 1.38 (79.20 to 35.10)
0.625 (15.9)
5.00 (127.00)
4.92 (125)
4.00 to 1.75 (101.60 to 44.50)
0.750 (19.1)
6.00 (152.40)
5.91 (150)
4.75 to 2.00 (120.70 to 50.80)
0.875 (22.20)
7.00 (178.10)
6.89 (175)
5.50 to 2.38 (139.70 to 60.50)
1.000 (25.40)
8.00 (203.00)
7.87 (200)
7.00 to 3.00 (177.80 to 76.20)
1.375 (34.90)
9.00 (225.00)
8.85 (225)
8.00 to 3.20 (203.20 to 81.28)
1.440 (36.58)
10.00 (250.00)
9.84 (250)
8.40 to3.51 ( 213.35 to 89.15)
1.500 (38.10)
11.00 (275.00)
10.82 (275)
8.75 to 3.75 (222.30 to 95.30)
12.00 (300.00)
11.81 (300)
9.00 to 4.32 (228.60to 109.73)
2.000 (50.80)

* Please contact for custom sizes.

Foam Wiper Ball Halliburton Meritautomotive

WP-10003>>3” Completion Services Wiper Ball.
WP-10004>>4” Completion Services Wiper Ball.

Meritautomotive is only and unique maker of the fine WP10004 downhole tools 4″ Wiper Ball.

WP10004 downhole tools 4" Wiper Ball Merit


Mapping Africa's Natural Resources AlJazeera
Our products are using in Africa’s n oilfields of Nigeria, Angola, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Republic Of Congo, Gabon,Equatorial Guinea, South Sudan, Chad for more than 16 years.

Oil exploration is intensifying in Senegal's offshore waters 2020

Foam Wiper Ball Fixes 2 7/8" Drill Pipe 10.4 lb/ft S 135 Meritautomotive