Foam Wiper Ball

Foam Wiper Balls for Oilfields

Foam wiper ball wipes drill pipe or tubing proven effective. It is first use in Norway and the UK’s of the North Sea. After then our specialty wiper balls are preferred all over the globe oil reserves fields from United States of America to Malaysia.

The specialty foam wiper balls are designed to wipe drill pipe or tubing string isolate of cement, fluids or particles and can be used to separate fluids.

Foam wiper ball is made of natural rubber of open cell design. The foam ball has a parting stretch of 380% to 440%, which means it can omit through small restrictions besides being damaged. It without problems passes through internal upset restrictions, such as mechanical placing tools, diverters, and liner jogging tools, and more than one balls can be pumped, if necessary.

The foam balls have excessive parting stretch ratio compared to traditional moulded rubber wiper plugs and darts, which means it can bypass thru small restrictions except being damaged. It effortlessly passes through internal upset restrictions, such as mechanical putting tools, diverters and liner going for walks tools, and thru tapered strings. Wiper foam balls have been used with most sorts of drilling and displacement fluids. The foam wiper area of the ball is made from a frothy matrix that can successfully wipe drill pipe sizes ranging from 41⁄2-in. through 65⁄8-in.

MERIT is maker of proven effective profession wiper ball which suitable for varying tubular IDs using in Venezuela, KSA, Canada, Russia, Nigeria, others oilfields.

Application of Merit Foam Wiper Ball Size 6 Inch for Petroleum Industry
General Size Reference in.(mm)Actual Size in.(mm)Part NumberTypical wiping range in. (mm)Minimal restriction*** in. (mm)
3.00 (76.10)3.15 (80)WP100032.5 to 1.10 (63.5 to 27.90)0.500 (12.7)
4.00 (102.00)3.94 (100)WP100043.12 to 1.38 (79.20 to 35.10)0.625 (15.9)
5.00 (127.00)4.92 (125)WP100054.00 to 1.75 (101.60 to 44.50)0.750 (19.1)
6.00 (152.40)5.91 (150)WP100064.75 to 2.00 (120.70 to 50.80)0.875 (22.20)
7.00 (178.10)6.89 (175)WP100075.50 to 2.38 (139.70 to 60.50)1.000 (25.40)
8.00 (203.00)7.87 (200)WP100087.00 to 3.00 (177.80 to 76.20)1.375 (34.90)
9.00 (225.00)8.85 (225)WP100098.00 to 3.20 (203.20 to 81.28)1.440 (36.58)
10.00 (250.00)9.84 (250)WP100108.40 to3.51 ( 213.35 to 89.15)1.500 (38.10)
11.00 (275.00)10.82 (275)WP100118.75 to 3.75 (222.30 to 95.30)1.750(44.50)
12.00 (300.00)11.81 (300)WP100129.00 to 4.32 (228.60to 109.73)2.000 (50.80)

Merit’s specialty drill pipe foam balls are in use all oil and gas fields 1st and only choice:

🇻🇪 Venezuela.
🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia.
🇨🇦 Canada.
🇮🇷 Iran.
🇮🇶 Iraq.
🇰🇼 Kuwait.
🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates.
🇷🇺 Russia.
🇱🇾 Libya.
🇳🇬 Nigeria.
🇺🇸 United States.
🇰🇿 Kazakhstan.
🇨🇳 China.
🇶🇦 Qatar.
🇧🇷 Brazil.

We are the #1 in the world’s most important oil cities:

Rio de Janeiro.
Abu Dhabi.

Nominal repeat usage of Merit’s wiper per density:

Soft : 15 Times

Medium : 25 Times

Hard : 35 Times

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