Merit Foam Wiper Balls

Close-up photo of a blue foam ball with a diameter of either 6 or 7 inches, used as a drill pipe wiper. The ball is slightly compressed and has a textured surface, indicating its ability to effectively clean and remove debris from drill pipes. The size of the ball is compatible with 5 1/2" drill pipes
Effortlessly clean your drill pipes with our high-quality foam wiper balls - the perfect solution for maintaining optimal drilling performance.

Foam wiper balls from Merit allows you to wipe the inside of drill pipe and casing fast and efficiently. We currently offer foam wiper balls from 1 inch to 18 inch.

World Industry Leader of Merit Foam Wiper Balls

Looking for a fast and efficient way to clean the inside of drill pipe and casing? Look no further than Foam Wiper Balls from Merit! Our high-quality foam wiper balls are the perfect solution for wiping away debris, mud, and other contaminants from your drilling equipment, ensuring that your equipment stays in top condition and operates at maximum efficiency.

Our foam wiper balls are available in a range of sizes, from 1 inch to 18 inch, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Made from durable, high-quality foam materials, our wiper balls are designed to withstand the rigors of drilling and cleaning, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

So why wait? Order your Foam Wiper Balls from Merit today and experience the ultimate in fast, efficient cleaning for your drilling equipment!


  1. I recently had the opportunity to use Merit Foam Wiper Balls in my drilling operations, and I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed. These foam wiper balls are an incredible innovation that have made a significant impact on the efficiency and safety of our drilling operations.

    One thing that really stands out about Merit Foam Wiper Balls is their exceptional cleaning performance. They effectively remove any debris or residue from the drilling process, leaving the drill pipe or casing clean and free from any obstruction. This translates to a smoother and more efficient drilling operation, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

    Another thing that I appreciate about these foam wiper balls is their durability. They are made from high-quality materials that can withstand the harsh conditions of the drilling environment, including high temperatures and exposure to chemicals. This means that they can be used repeatedly without wearing down, making them a cost-effective solution for our drilling operations.

    But perhaps the most important benefit of using Merit Foam Wiper Balls is the increased safety that they provide. By removing debris and residue from the drill pipe or casing, they help to prevent blockages that can lead to accidents and injuries on the drilling site. This is especially important in an industry where safety is paramount, and I feel confident that I am doing everything possible to protect my team when I use these foam wiper balls.

    Overall, I would highly recommend Merit Foam Wiper Ball technology to anyone in the drilling industry who is looking for a reliable and effective solution for cleaning and maintaining their drilling operations. These foam wiper balls truly are top-of-the-line, and I look forward to using them in all of my future drilling operations.

  2. I am extremely pleased with the range of sizes available for your foam wiper balls. The ability to choose the perfect fit for my needs has made a significant difference in my drilling and cleaning operations. The durable and high-quality foam materials used in these wiper balls have proven to be resilient and long-lasting. I am confident that I have made a wise investment in choosing your foam wiper balls, as they have consistently delivered exceptional performance and value.

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