Side Buffer MTB Hydraulic Rockbreakers Hammers

Side Buffer MTB Hydraulic Rockbreakers

Side buffer MTB hydraulic rockbreakers is ex-stock with Meritautomotive. We can supply you shock absorbers for MTB 705, 505, 365, 285, 255, 215, 175, 155 and others.

Side Buffer MTB Hydraulic Rockbreakers Hammers

You can order us now side buffer MTB hydraulic rockbreakers models of MTB 125, 95, 65 and GA type.

* Non OEM Parts.

* The word “MTB” and the use of OE part numbers are for descriptive and reference purposes only. MERIT is not affiliated with the manufacturers, importers, or distributors of MTB rock breakers. Parts sold by MERIT may be of OE, OEM, or aftermarket manufacture.

Meritautomotive Allied Hammer Wear Pads 2021

Above are polyurethane shock absorber pads for Rammer-Sandvik-Allied hydraulic hammers. We are having these wear pads for almost all models in the stock. We ship from our stock quickly.

Following is a seal set for DNB rockbreaker jack hammer. We supply all parts to this jack hammer. We keep stock its pistons, through bolts and seal kits. We have all DNB lower and upper bushings. We also keep stock its thrust bushes. We are number #1 in the DNB hammer spare parts.Meritautomotive DNB Hamemr Set Of Sealings 2022

They are percussion pistons for Epiroc hydraulic hammers. We are producing strike pistons for HB, SB and MB series. You are purchasing our parts with 1 year warranty. We are offering world the best durable pistons. There are very pistons we had produced and they are in use for more than 10 years. For example there is a piston in Sweden customer which still in work since 2007. Meritautomotive is number #1 in the hammer parts.Meritautomotive Epiroc Hammer Piston 2024

We are using OEM threaded inserts in the production of lower hammer parts. Only quality parts can be enter in to our manufacture!Meritautomotive Epiroc Threaded Inserts 2025

We made a bulk shipment for Furukawa FXJ series hydraulic hammer chisel tools. It was about 7000kg.Meritautomotive Hydraulic Hammer Tool Bits 2026

Atlas Copco HB2000 3363105952
Atlas Copco HB2000 3363106954
Atlas Copco MB1700 3363085940
Atlas Copco MB1700 3363033467
Atlas Copco MB1700 3363033465
Atlas Copco MB1700 3363035795
Atlas Copco MB1700 3363035793
Atlas Copco MB1700 3363084199
Atlas Copco MB1700 3363094927
Atlas Copco MB1700 3363097773
Atlas Copco MB1700 3363085730
Atlas Copco MB1700 3362261647
Atlas Copco MB1700 3363034311
Atlas Copco MB1700 3363069077

203-24120100 699-24000001 001-10806103 019-47196175 619-97104001
203-24121100 699-30200030 503-15405000 689-94800000 619-97112001
203-24126000 699-30300040 503-15406000 689-99100000 243-11002100
203-51403000 699-30390031 503-15407000 889-18200002 243-11003100
203-54301100 699-40700001 513-15402000 248-80107000 689-38210023

Front Head Rammer 160001

Front Head Lower Body for Rammer 4099 Hydraulic Hammers.

Stock List 20.05.2021

Front head (incl. parts 1.2-1.3) 160001

1.2 Hex. socket screw 900051

1.3 Lock washer 90597

Thrust ring 160010

O-ring 90003

Upper tool bushing 160009

Tool retaining pin 160020

Ring 160482

Wedge 40110

O-ring 90000

Retaining pin 160484

Rubber plug 160485

Seal set 165464

Lower tool bushing 160008

13 Piston 160003

Tie Rod 163002

Lock Plate 101449

Rubber ring 40586

Vibration Dampening Element 155555

Cable Tie 952009

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