Condenser Tube Cleaning Balls

Condenser tube cleaning balls are manufactured in sizes from 10 mm to 51 mm. They can be applied to calcifications and sediment adhesions in sensitive pipes that can be applied to any size.

Condenser Tube Cleaning Balls CTCB

Condenser Balls DS

Rubber condenser balls are engineered for the best efficiency possible for different condenser tube cleaning systems

The standard balls offered by us have 5 kinds of different densities. They are soft, mid-soft, medium, mid-firm, and firm. Soft ( Density 160 kg/m3), Medium Soft (Density 200 kg/m3), , Medium (Density 250 kg/m3), Medium Hard (Density 300 kg/m3), and Hard (Density 350 kg/m3),.

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You can use our high quality condenser tube cleaning balls from + 130 °C to -30 °C cold without losing elastic structure.

We produce condenser tube cleaning balls with high abrasion strength suitable for polishing produced by using special abrasive chemicals in the desired color and density with water and water absorption properties which are resistant to various acids and oil and which do not have water absorption.