Foam Wiper Ball For Drilling & Tubing String

Foam Wiper Ball For Drill-Pipe & Tubing String

Foam wiper ball is designed to wipe drill pipe or tubing string clean of cement, fluids, or debris, and can be used to separate fluids.

Foam Wiper Ball For Drill-Pipe & Tubing String
Foam Wipe Out Ball For Drill-Pipe & Tubing String

Products of Meritautomotive are using by Colombia, Qatar, UAE, United States of America, Russia, Bahrain, KSA, Australia & New Zealand, Indonesia, Canada, Iraq, Iran, Georgia, Peru, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, China, Japan, Greece, UK, Ireland, Nigeria, Zambia, Norway, Ghana, India, Pakistan, Romania, Mexico, France,  and other oilfield service providers.

These wiper balls are made of natural rubber and can be used in a temperature range of 40°F (4°C) to 302°F (150°C). The ball has a parting stretch of 380 to 440%, which means it can pass through small restrictions without being damaged.

Above parting stretch ratio of the traffic leader of Meritautomotive foam wiping ball allows it to pass through small restrictions flawless as it is pumped borehole.

The Permian Basin is a large sedimentary basin in the southwestern part of the United States. The basin contains the Mid-Continent Oil Field province. This sedimentary basin is located in western Texas and southeastern New Mexico. Wikipedia

The wiper ball can be loaded into drillpipe or tubing connections.
It easily passes through internal upset restrictions such as mechanical setting tools, diverters, and liner running tools and multiple balls can be pumped if necessary.

Drill pipe foam ball is licensed on Meritautomotive
Meritautomotive is licensed maker of the drill pipe foam ball since 2005.

Meritautomotive’s foam wiper ball has been used with all types of drilling and displacement fluids.

Tomorrow 18.12.2020 we are going to ship special formula (ADNC) drilling cementing wiping balls to an oilfield giant in United Arab Emirates. Our customer is the leader in the territory. We are doing business with him for more than 7 years. We are award winning supplier in territories oilfields procurement model.

Foam ball cementing is a supply of Meritautomotive all over the world oilfields. We deliver cementing wiper balls into Indonesia oil and gas producers since more than 15 years.

We are procure our drilling foam wiper-balls to state owned oil and gas companies in the territories. Kindly feel free to contact with us if you are having a purchase order from public sector.

By the way our wiper foam balls the best match one and only output with oil & gas industry specific cementing wiper foam ball launcher. There is never an alternative to our products offshore and onshore.

Foam Ball Cementing Is A Supply Of Meritautomotive All Over The World Oilfields

WP10005: general size reference 5.00 in. Actual size 4.92 in. Thus its typical wiping range 4.00 to 1.75 in. This is minimum restriction of it is 0.750 in.

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WP10006: general size reference 6.00 in. Actual size 5.91 in. Thus its typical wiping range 4.75 to 2.00 in. In addition minimum restriction of it is 0.875 in.
WP10007: general size reference 7.00 in. Actual size 6.89 in. Thus its typical wiping range 5.50 to 2.38 in. Plus its minimum restriction of it is 1.000 in.
WP10008: general size reference 8.00 in. Actual size 7.87 in. Thus its typical wiping range 7.00 to 3.00 in. Additionally its minimum restriction of it is 1.375 in.

* OEM Parts.

* You prefer only OEM Merit parts.

Original Product Meritautomotive Foam Wiper Ball

Data sheet:

General Size Reference in.(mm)
Actual Size in.(mm)
Part No
Typical wiping range in. (mm)
Minimal restriction*** in. (mm)
3.00 (76.10)
3.15 (80)
2.5 to 1.10 (63.5 to 27.90)
0.500 (12.7)
4.00 (102.00)
3.94 (100)
3.12 to 1.38 (79.20 to 35.10)
0.625 (15.9)
5.00 (127.00)
4.92 (125)
4.00 to 1.75 (101.60 to 44.50)
0.750 (19.1)
6.00 (152.40)
5.91 (150)
4.75 to 2.00 (120.70 to 50.80)
0.875 (22.20)
7.00 (178.10)
6.89 (175)
5.50 to 2.38 (139.70 to 60.50)
1.000 (25.40)
8.00 (203.00)
7.87 (200)
7.00 to 3.00 (177.80 to 76.20)
1.375 (34.90)
9.00 (225.00)
8.85 (225)
8.00 to 3.20 (203.20 to 81.28)
1.440 (36.58)
10.00 (250.00)
9.84 (250)
8.40 to3.51 ( 213.35 to 89.15)
1.500 (38.10)
11.00 (275.00)
10.82 (275)
8.75 to 3.75 (222.30 to 95.30)
12.00 (300.00)
11.81 (300)
9.00 to 4.32 (228.60to 109.73)
2.000 (50.80)
*** Custom sizes and special features upon request. Please feel free to ask for more information***

WP 10003>>3” Completion Service Wiper Ball.
WP 10004>>4” Completion Service Wiper Ball.

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Meritautomotive is only and unique maker of the fine WP10003 3″ Wiper Ball.

WP10003 Completion Services 3" Wiper Ball Merit

5 7/8" Drill Pipe Wiping Foam Ball Meritautomotive