Wiper Foam Ball For Cementing

Wiper Foam Ball For Cementing

Wiper foam ball for cementing pH-Value 6.00 – 7.00. That is industrial laboratory verified value for cementing usage of our tool. Developer is having up to date technical reports periodically. The firm opens purchasers test results of MERITs products per order. Utensil is 100 percent compatible in gasoline fields worldwide certified by third party inspection bodies.

Wiper Foam Ball For Cementing

That tool produced from typical natural rubber material. That’s why this device is pro-qualified component for oil & gas fields after cementing erasing work. The reason there is no any damages to inside pipeline or casing components. We are lowering buyers costs in all horizontal lines.

The MERITs wiper foam ball (WP series) is devised to wipe out inner surface of drillpipe and tube string perfectly. Our commodity erases whole inside with no any debris or cement residue. 

Because of its high flexible structure you are doing your DP rubbing off job with prime conclusion. We assurance you to get your feedback thanks every time.

Wiping foam balls data table part number is beginning with WP codes. The digit is seller internal identification of this stock part. Look at the bottom of this post. A requirer will see whole data page with specifications.

If an inquirer asks complete PDF catalog of the DS (data sheet), please feel free to request from us. The provider also have MSDS for their spares from worldwide certification bodies. The technicians send verified documents to customers in order.

My chief would be very happy to share any knowledge or paper with you on deepwater industry. Our team member representative is open cooperative people as like as you in every step of contact.

DRILL PIPE WIPER BALL 8 IN, MEDIUM FOAM Mnf: Halliburton; p/n: 101319281

My company transmit this main helping part of cementing job into your oil-gas field address all over the globe. Especially we are able deliver in all over the world petroleum extraction areas offshore and onshore. The reason why you can ask us quote to include freight. Air, road or see dispatch possible for us.

Addition team prefers express cargo also for urgent customer demand. Crew are all open mind businessmen as like as you. They listen you. The reason why you will be welcome every proposal.

From CA to UAE we are hauling deepwater supplies around every day every week. Because of we have a speed delivery depot in Istanbul city of Turkey. It is very close to main airport in the city. Your purchases deliver just in time.

Temperature range of 40°F (4°C) to 302°F (150°C).
Parting stretch of 380 to 440%.
Diameter 1 inch to 14 inch.

Best seller merchandise at MERIT is WP10006. General size reference of it is 6.00 in. Actual size of 5.91 in. Thus its typical wiping range 4.75 to 2.00 in. In addition minimum restriction of it is 0.875 in.

An other best-seller part at MERIT is WP10007. General size reference 7.00 in. Actual size 6.89 in. Thus its typical wiping range 5.50 to 2.38 in. In addition minimum restriction of it is 1.000 in.

By the way we are also manufacturing custom size and specific features apparatus to  sector giants. Once upon a tşme we generated a 11″ appliance for a big petroleum consortium in Iraq oil terrain. They use our gadget for their gas area. He reported us after use of our mechanism that saving of 22,000.00US$ per job. We have got a thanking mail from this holding administration.
Additionally we had produced 10 in to Chinese petroleum sector supply firm. It is also reflected us good feedback. He emailed us that WP10010 is solved their problem of wiping at lowest cost. 10″ gave him profit 18,000.00US$.

After a very short time of CN consortium PO a Thailand oil company came us and wanted 10 inches, too. We produced them for him within ten days. We shipped quickly. They profited from our ten inch device.

In addition the maker were outcome 9 inch wiper foam balls to a huge gas group from Canada. The presenter gained buyers good approach with few purchase orders. Now trust are still preferring us with their needs.

Finally I leave here a info leaf for DPFWB:

General Size Reference in.(mm)
Actual Size in.(mm)
Part No
Typical wiping range in. (mm)
Minimal restriction*** in. (mm)
3.00 (76.10)
3.15 (80)
2.5 to 1.10 (63.5 to 27.90)
0.500 (12.7)
4.00 (102.00)
3.94 (100)
3.12 to 1.38 (79.20 to 35.10)
0.625 (15.9)
5.00 (127.00)
4.92 (125)
4.00 to 1.75 (101.60 to 44.50)
0.750 (19.1)
6.00 (152.40)
5.91 (150)
4.75 to 2.00 (120.70 to 50.80)
0.875 (22.20)
7.00 (178.10)
6.89 (175)
5.50 to 2.38 (139.70 to 60.50)
1.000 (25.40)
8.00 (203.00)
7.87 (200)
7.00 to 3.00 (177.80 to 76.20)
1.375 (34.90)
9.00 (225.00)
8.85 (225)
8.00 to 3.20 (203.20 to 81.28)
1.440 (36.58)
10.00 (250.00)
9.84 (250)
8.40 to3.51 ( 213.35 to 89.15)
1.500 (38.10)
11.00 (275.00)
10.82 (275)
8.75 to 3.75 (222.30 to 95.30)
12.00 (300.00)
11.81 (300)
9.00 to 4.32 (228.60to 109.73)
2.000 (50.80)
A Case History:
The customer was spending up to three extra hours on trips out of the hole to clean out cement. They wanted to wipe a drill pipe wipe after performing a shoe squeeze through 5-in. drill pipe with an 8 1/2-in. bit with three 20/64th nozzles installed. The squeeze was done at 9,200 ft (2804 m) TVD/MD with a bottom hole circulating temperature of 165°F. A 7-in. drill pipe foam wiper ball was recommended because it can pass through a 1-in. restriction. The 7-in. wiper foam ball wiped the drillpipe successfully and passed through the bit with little increase in pump pressure. The customer was very pleased with the wiping action and versatility of Merit’s foam wiperballs.