TN™ Formulation Foam Wiper Ball For Following DP Drill Pipe

TN™ Formulation Foam Wiper Ball For Following DP

We produce TN™ formulation foam wiper ball for following DP. Please don’t forget that we can manufacture special formulation wiper foam balls for your needs.

Pipe Body Specification
Pipe Body OD (in)5.5
Pipe Body Wall Thickness-Nominal Weight0.415 in- 24.7lb/ft
Pipe Body GradeS-135
Drill Pipe LenghtRange 2
Max (ft)32.0
Min (ft)30.0
Type of UpsetIEU
Maximum Upset OD (in)5.688

TN™ Formulation Foam Wiper Ball For Following DP Drill Pipe

Joint Tool Specification
Connection Type and SizeXT™54
SmoothEdge™ Height per side (in)N/A
Tool Joint SMYS (psi)120,000
Connection OD (in)6.625
Connection ID (in)4.0
Pin Tong Length (in)10.10
Box Tong Length (in)15.0
Thread Compound Friction Factor1.0

*TN™ formula is licensed on Meritautomotive 2020-LNF-8967182111/VG.


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Drill pipe foam ball is licensed on Meritautomotive
Meritautomotive is licensed maker of the drill pipe foam ball since 2005.

We have a licence product of foam wipe ball for wipe drill pipe or tubing string clean of cement, fluids sizing from 3 1/2  to 5 1/2 with applicator.

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