Whats is Merit Foam Wiper Ball?

Mechanical Tubular wiping and fluid separation can be highly efficient when utilizing Merit foam wiper ball technology

In order to clean residue left in the bore of the drill pipe or pump lines after pumping cement and drilling fluids, a Merit foam wiper ball is used for wiping the internal drill pipe, casing, tubing and pipe lines. Introducing the Merit foam wiper ball, the ultimate solution for cleaning residue in your drill… Continue reading Whats is Merit Foam Wiper Ball?

The Best Technics Drill Pipe & Casing Wiping

Effortlessly clean your drill pipes with our high-quality foam wiper balls - the perfect solution for maintaining optimal drilling performance.

Merit foam wiper ball often referred to as drill pipe wipers are designed to wipe drill pipe or tubing string clean of cement, fluids, or debris, and can be used to separate fluids. Attention all oil and gas professionals! Are you tired of struggling with ineffective methods to clean your drill pipe or tubing string?… Continue reading The Best Technics Drill Pipe & Casing Wiping

Seal Kit for Hydraulic Rock Drill 3115 3543 90

B22610010 CYLINDER007006-14001 RING, BUFFER007002-14001 U-PACKING007003-14002 SEAL, DUSTB22211101000 PISTONB23310080 BUSH, CYLINDER007007-13602 RING, QUAD007008-13602 SEAL, STEP007006-13600 RING, BUFFER007001-1650G O-RINGB22610020 CAP, HEADB23310140 HEAD, FRONTB23310100 BOLT, THROUGHB23310070 NUT, WOOD-RUFF FOR T/BOLTB23216400000 WASHER, FOR T/BOLTB23310110 NUT, HEX. FOR T/BOLTB23390071 VALVE CASE ASS’Y013020-240604 BOLT, SOCKET015E10-24000 WASHER, NORD-LOCK007001-0380P O-RING004012-C1320 PLUG, HEX. SOCKET007001-0400P O-RING004012-C2422 PLUG, HEX. SOCKET007001-0280P O-RING004012-C2304 PLUG, HEX. SOCKETB23310120 RING, THRUSTB23310050… Continue reading Seal Kit for Hydraulic Rock Drill 3115 3543 90