Whats is Merit Foam Wiper Ball?

Mechanical Tubular wiping and fluid separation can be highly efficient when utilizing Merit foam wiper ball technology

In order to clean residue left in the bore of the drill pipe or pump lines after pumping cement and drilling fluids, a Merit foam wiper ball is used for wiping the internal drill pipe, casing, tubing and pipe lines.

Introducing the Merit foam wiper ball, the ultimate solution for cleaning residue in your drill pipe or pump lines. Our foam wiper ball is specifically designed to wipe the internal surface of your drill pipe, casing, tubing, and pipe lines, removing any residual cement or drilling fluids.

Our wiper ball is made from high-quality foam material, ensuring maximum durability and effectiveness. It is available in various sizes to fit all types of pipe and tubing, making it the perfect tool for any drilling operation.

The Merit foam wiper ball is easy to use, simply insert it into the pipe and pump it through with drilling fluids or water. The foam ball will compress and expand as it passes through the pipe, effectively wiping away any residue.

Don’t let leftover residue hinder your drilling operations any longer. Order your Merit foam wiper ball today and experience the ultimate cleaning solution for your drilling equipment. Our wiper ball is the industry standard for cleaning and is trusted by professionals worldwide.

We guarantee that our foam wiper ball will provide you with unparalleled cleaning performance and long-lasting durability. So why wait? Get your hands on the Merit foam wiper ball today and take your drilling operations to the next level!

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